Olympus Showplus


Showplus is a scientifically balanced complete feed for optimal condition and coat shine for all sport, dressage, show and pleasure horses.

Showplus is formulated with a quality blend of grains, pellets, lucerne chaff and oilseeds and enriched with essential vitamins and minerals as well as live yeast strains to support the immune system and digestive efficiency and maximise the overall health and condition of the horse.




Steam Rolled Barley, Black Sunflower Seeds, Molasses, Lucerne Chaff, Savvy Horse Pellets, Steam Rolled Maize, Steam Rolled Lupins, Steam Rolled Oats, Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Salt, Magnesium Oxide, DCP, Pre and Pro Biotics, Vitamin and Mineral Pre Mix, Potassium Chloride.
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