Olympus Feeds Australasia Pty Ltd was formed in 2015 and is 100% owned by Central Victorian farmers, Toby Whitehead and Chelsea Munro. They work alongside a small and dedicated manufacturing and logistics team, as well as retail and administrative staff at their Factory in Maryborough, Victoria.

Toby and Chelsea had both worked within the farming, grain and stockfeed trade for many years and felt there was a real need in the equine industry for pre-mixed feeds that comprised nutritionally balanced quality grains with high grade vitamins and bioavailable minerals, along with live yeast strains that are all essential ingredients for a horse’s performance, optimal health and wellbeing at a competitive price against the market leaders.

From our farm… To your feedbin

Being Farmers themselves, it was vitally important to them that they support Australian Farmers, choosing to source only quality local and interstate grains and legumes for their mixes which are then carefully blended in an Equine Dedicated Feed Mill.

It gives Olympus Feeds a great sense of pride being able to grow a majority of the grains on farm that are then cleaned and steam rolled prior to the mixing process, effectively allowing the trainer to feed some of the freshest grain mixes available.

The company stands by the simple principles of honesty, quality and integrity, with the range of Olympus Feeds all based and formulated on sound moral and scientific nutrition which provides a standard product of premium quality.

At Olympus Feeds we are dedicated to providing first-class nutrition, because your horse’s health, wellbeing and performance matter to us.