‘Olympus Feeds Australasia was formed in 2015 by Chelsea Munro and Toby Whitehead, with their dedication and passion they created unique equine feeds which comprised of nutritionally balanced quality grains with high grade vitamins, bioavailable minerals and the benefits of live yeast strains. With such a solid foundation, Philippa and Murray Holm jumped at the chance to purchase Olympus Feeds Australasia; particularly after being long time users of Olympus products for their own stud horses.

Philippa has been in the equine industry across multiple disciplines for the last 30 years. Having had her start in Pony club before moving into track work and eventually running a breeding stud farm in Central Victoria. Philippa has a longstanding interest in equine nutrition; feeding different types of horses for performance, breeding and show. It is with this background and drive to provide the best for her horses that led her to using Olympus Advance on her wet and dry broodmares, breeding stallions and young stock. The improvement she witnessed in condition and health during periods of stress and vulnerability such as pre and post foaling cemented the decision to only use Olympus Feeds going forward.

Murray comes from a background of production, equine and farming in Victoria. Having a strong drive to support local farming families and businesses;  the opportunity to use a product that was built upon the same values with exceptional nutritional content was a catalyst to purchase Olympus Feeds when the opportunity was presented. Having witnessed first hand the changes in the broodmares as well as the competition horses overall health and well being was the cornerstone of the decision to seize the opportunity when it was presented.

From Australian Farms …. To your feed bin

As Olympus Feed Australasia was established with the vision to support Australian Farmers, this has continued on with the new of ownership. Choosing to source only quality local and interstate grains and legumes for the mixes which are carefully blended in an Equine Dedicated Feed Mill.

It gives Olympus Feeds a sense of pride to witness changes to horses from across a magnitude of disciplines, receiving recommendations from horse people from a number of equine areas. The extent of the support from the equine industry is exceptional.

Olympus Feeds continues to stand by the simple principles of honesty, quality and integrity. Working alongside some of the best nutritionists in Australia to produce a scientifically sound product which produces a fresh grain mix of a premium quality and standard.

At Olympus Feeds we continue to be dedicated to providing first-class nutrition, because your horse’s health, wellbeing and performances matters to us.’