Stephen Cleave, has been involved in the Harness Racing industry since the early age of just 12, as one of the states leading Junior (Under 23yo) Drivers he started training at the age of 19. Together with his fiance Lorraine he runs a boutique stable of 6-10 horses at any one time on the newly built farm in Nulla Vale that houses Cleave Racing Stables.

Since moving to the new property that he built from scratch, he also changed over to Olympus Feeds and he is currently having a breakout year with some of the best results ever this early in the season.

“I chose Olympus feeds after trialing a few bags and noticed the quality of the feed was second to none, my horses licked their feed bins clean from day 1, with no powders left in the bottom of the feed bin that i have found with other feeds. The team at Olympus are Local People, using Local Grain and this just made my decision to change over to their feeds even easier. I mainly use EPower for my racing horses and Advance for my Pre Trainers. Advance has everything they need to get them up and running and puts a real shine in their coats and a great topline so you have something to work with when the pressure of trialing and racing begins. EPower has everything my horses require to race at their best week in week out.”