20yo Barrel and Sporting Rider.I currently ride a 17hh OTTB who barrel races and a 14.2hh Morgan who sports. Both very special horses in their own right, but the Morgan is in a different world. He overcame what was expected to be a career ending, if not life ending injury, a broken pastern (in three pieces), with time and care and no surgery, he became paddock sound and then went on to be competition sound, and hasn’t looked back since. I also have a couple of young up and coming horses who will appear over the next few months.

Some of my biggest achievements include:

  • 2015 Under/18 and Open Sporting Horse Australian Champions
  • 2017 2nd Place Australian Championship Stake Race
  • 2018 Qualifying for the Australian Open Barrel Championship at Equitana (1 of only 25 spots available)
  • 2018 Victorian Open Flag Champion
  • 2018 2nd Place Australian Championship Bending Race

As well as for the last 2 years I have participated in the Melbourne Cup Parade on the OTTB.

I have been feeding Olympus for over a year now, with great success. My horses had huge changes in their wellbeing, coat shine and colour, and generally easiness whilst being on a high energy feed. There has been no fizz.

I feed both boys on the EPowerVE, whilst the horses at home, which including a breeding stallion, broodmares and young-stock, get Advance. Feeding Olympus makes my feed-up routine simple, as I am not having to add unnecessary supplements. I also don’t have to feed huge feeds, as the horses are getting everything they need out of the recommended weights.