Liam McMaugh is a 19 year old South Australian Jumping rider. Liam originally from Hamilton Victoria currently resides in Adelaide and is a full-time Student at the University of Adelaide Studying Mechanical and Sports Engineering. Liam manages his study, work and sporting commitments with his riding. Liam has a team of two horses ‘That’s Limo’ and ‘Quizman’ who are currently competitive in Mini Prix, Future Stars and Young Rider events. That’s Limo and Quizman are both Off the Track Thoroughbreds who have made the transition from racing to a jumping career.

That’s Limo is a 12 year old thoroughbred who has a very energetic and quirky nature. Liam and Limo have been a partnership for 8 years. Together they have progressed from small height classes through Junior’s and are now competitive at Young Rider level (130-140cm). Liam prides himself on his relationship with his horses and attributes their successes to a loyal, trusting partnership between horse and rider. Liam believes that this relationship and ensuring the horses ‘self-confidence’ is critical to success. You can see Liam and Limo out competing throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Liam’s second mount, Quizman, is a developing 10 year old thoroughbred with a lovely clam nature. Quizman currently competes in 1.20m events looking to progress into Young Rider and Mini Prix events in the near future. Liam and Quizman have been a combination for the past 2 years and aim to have a long lasting, successful relationship into the foreseeable future.


Liam is a proud user of EpowerVE as it is the perfect compliment to maintain the horses high levels of energy and nutrition required for competition. EpowerVE gives Liam horses every opportunity to compete to the best of their ability and has proven to be an integral part of their success.

‘I made the switch to Olympus Feeds 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. Limo was a very fussy eater, rarely finishing his feed, making it difficult to maintain energy and condition. We tried numerous brands of feed with no success. Since using Olympus, Limo is a different horse at feed time, they provide a wonderful, first class and natural feed, perfect for performance horses’