Amie McMaugh is a 24 year old Lawyer who has grown up in a Showjumping family. Amie now resides in Adelaide after moving from Hamilton Victoria to pursue University Studies. Amie has a team of three horses, one established and two young horses who are just starting their careers. Whilst Amie completed her Law Degree at the University of Adelaide she worked for Reed Equestrian Australia, a professional Showjumping Stable based 40mins North of Adelaide where she worked with performance horses across all levels.  Amie enjoys working with young horses and off the track thoroughbreds as they begin their jumping career. Amie prides herself on her relationship with her horses and believes trust and keeping the horses confident in themselves and their rider is essential to success along with ensuring that they are getting the required nutrition they need to perform.

Wondaree Flirt is a 19 year old Irish Sport horse bred by Catherine Wallace from the Wondaree stud in Moriac Victoria. Flirt has been with Amie’s family since she was 5 and was previously Amie’s mums horse. Flirt is very athletic but also super sensitive. She has been competitive up to Grand Prix level across Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. Flirt is fed EpowerVE as it gives her the balance of energy and nutrition required to be competing at the top level. Being an older horse Flirt has different nutritional requirements to other performance horses in order to keep her at the top of her game. EpowerVE has proven essential to Flirts success over the past 12mths.

Belle is a 4 year old Warmblood mare who is a recent addition to Amie’s team. The two of them are just getting to know one another and Amie hopes to have Belle out in the competition arena for the beginning of next years jumping season in South Australia.

Karri is a 2.5 year old Warmblood mare purchased by Amie 12 mths ago. Karri is still growing  into herself because of her age Amie feeds her Advance stud mix as it is formulated to assist with the growth of young horses ensuring they meets all their nutritional requirements.

“We made the change to Olympus feeds as one of my brother’s horses is a fussy eater, since then we haven’t looked back. All of our horses love the feed. Having an older jumping horse EpowerVE has been critical in ensuring Flirt can continue to perform at the top level it keeps her looking and feeling great!”