Trainers, Chris and Alison Alford along with long time Alford Racing Team member, Josh Duggan, having spent their lifetimes around horses and the Harness Racing industry, together they train a small team of around 14 horses in work at any one time. Since joining forces in 2005/06 they have trained over 400 winners and won prizemoney in excess of $3,000000 for their owners.

Chris, who is also a Freelance Driver, has driven over 6,600 winners and multiple Group 1 Races. Having won 12 National Premierships & 14 State Premierships, he also holds the record for the most numbers of winners ever driven in a single season; 457!

Train Smart. Feed Smart. It really can be as simple as that!

As Harness Racing Trainers, we have always been big believers in the importance of providing our horses with the right fuel to look, feel and perform at their peak… and the best part is that as Trainers, we have the ability to totally control what our horses put in their mouths by what we put in their feed buckets. And once you find a great product, there is no looking back.

For us, that product is Olympus E Power VE.

A snap shot of our life as trainers before we fed Olympus: we were spending a fortune on vitamins & minerals which would often be left at the bottom of the feed bin, Mondays were always a nightmare with horses having ‘tied up’ because they had one day off and we wouldn’t have been able to tell you the last time we had a good blood reading!!! We were literally tearing our hair out!!

Then along came Chelsea from Olympus.

Fast forward 3 years since opening our first bag of ‘EPower VE’, and we can now honestly say that feeding smart has never been easier; measure the quantity we want to feed and the rest is already done for you.

Within only a matter of weeks of feeding ‘EPower VE’ we noticed a huge change in our team. They were ALL eating everything (even the super fussy ones!), their coats were glowing and not one case of tying up to be seen- even with a whole weekend off!!!!! And if it’s performance results you’re looking for; in our first season of feeding ‘EPower VE’ we trained the greatest number of winners that we had ever trained!

So happy with the quality and results of ‘EPower VE’, we are also feeding our future Racehorses ‘Advance Stud Mix’ and we love that every bit as much also!