In 2015 Toby and I started Olympus Feeds Australasia, a business focused on supporting only Australian grown grain, legumes and oilseeds to include in scientifically formulated recipes for optional equine nutrition.

Our small business has exceeded all expectations, growing to lofty heights with major chains and national distribution, it has survived one of the worst droughts in history, supplied feed to leading trainers in most states of our great land with numerous group one wins in racing and part of the nutritional care of high level competition and performance horses.

Olympus Feeds has been a wonderful achievement of professional and personal growth for Toby and myself, it has been one hell of a journey and one we are incredibly proud of, however, we need to focus our energy and commitment with the success of Black Horse Naturals, along with our farm, Paringa, a beautiful 2000 acre property in Southern Victoria and most importantly, increase the quality family time with our children and loved ones, so now is the time to hand the reins over.

We have chosen Philippa and Murray Holm to continue on Olympus Feeds, they are long term customers and appreciate the business, understand how to operate it and are keen, capable and incredibly passionate about equine health and nutrition.

We can assure you that you will be receiving the same premium quality product, attractive price range, nutritional advice and service that we have provided the past 6 and a half years.
It certainly not a decision we have taken lightly and at times we questioned if we should be selling our “baby” that we worked so hard for, but I do know that Philippa and Murray will do our brand proud.

Murray and Philippa plan on developing significant growth in areas we were not as familiar in, as well as increasing general output and bringing the much loved Showplus back to the shelves and a possibility of heading back across Bass Strait, tho I will leave Murray and Philippa to share these exciting announcements as they become available.

There will be many happy customers I am sure.
Pre Covid, we had been working on a “pick and pack” option for a direct customer base in areas where we don’t have a store allocation, this is something Murray and Philippa will bring to fruition in the coming months ahead.

We have so many amazing memories, one that makes me giggle is Toby literally drawing a horse on a napkin that was later to become our logo, another was being in a position to support a fundraiser for the Children’s Tumour Foundation, and another was watching the transformation of a badly neglected horse back to health.
So many memories and good times amongst the hard work, dedication and commitment it takes to run a small business.
We often forget that the people behind some products we purchase are not always big brands run by international companies, they are mums and dads, just like us.

Please note: There is a change of phone number for all orders and discussions going forward to Philippa on 0427 348 204

Chelsea and Toby