As an Australian owned and operated Company, Olympus Feeds support our Australian growers by sourcing only quality local Victorian and interstate grains for our mixes, also ensuring your horse is being fed the freshest grain-based feeds available. Our mixes are carefully blended under strict quality control in our own Equine-Only Manufacturing Mill in Victoria, providing a consistently high standard of equine nutrition.

Proper nutrition, hours upon hours of training, hard work, dedication and care are essential ingredients for a happy, healthy and high performing horse.

Olympus EPower VE

EPower VE is a non-oat nutritionally balanced diet for performance horses in equine sport or racing. A scientifically formulated muesli blend containing vitamins and minerals with essential nutrients including Vitamin E which may assist horses prone to tying up syndrome.

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Olympus Showplus

Showplus is a scientifically balanced complete feed for optimal condition and coat shine for all sport, dressage, show and pleasure horses.

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Olympus Advance

Advance is a highly palatable sweet feed concentrate that has been formulated to meet the essential nutritional requirements of Weanlings, Yearlings, Pregnant and Lactating Mares and Breeding Stallions.

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Olympus Signature

Signature is an oat-based performance feed providing a nutritionally balanced diet for performance horses in equine sport and racing.

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